Unique Opportunity to invest in Proprietary device with huge potential
Unique Opportunity to invest in Proprietary device with huge potential

$3,500,000· (For Sale)
  • Unique Opportunity to invest in Proprietary device with huge potential

This device has been developed after many years of research and consultation with experienced law enforcement personnel - it takes officer safety to a NEW level when working with offenders. The device holds international patents.

This device was designed to be used in line with occupational health and safety work practices (OH&S or OSHA) to assist all Law Enforcement and Corrective Service personnel (or any other officer that is entrusted with custodial duties) in their professional duties.

The current design of handcuffs places the arresting officer in a vulnerable position when applying or removing handcuffs from offenders. They are at risk of being assaulted by offenders who may be intoxicated. This device substantially reduces the risk of injury to officers by eliminating the potential for elbow strikes, punches and head butts to the arresting/custodial officer.

Secondly, the device may also be utilized as a temporary restraint device when processing prisoners or detainees. Or to assist security personnel to safely secure a person being detained until local Law Enforcement personnel arrive. This not only minimizes the risk of injury to staff within the workplace, but also the potential risk of "self harm" by the person/s being detained. This helps organizations to meet their legal obligations of exercising their "duty of care" to all persons within the workplace.

This is a very lucrative product with a wide variety of potential customers worldwide which include: .
- Police stations and correctional facilities where prisoners have to be processed
- Courtrooms - device can be unobtrusive in a courtroom, where a defendant may be cuffed by one hand and still stand or be seated without being in shackles,
- Custom and border patrol facilities
- Public and prison hospitals - can be utilized to secure detainees and prisoners requiring medical attention and helping to improve safety for all medical staff concerned.
- Pre-trial detention centres
- Mental health facilities
- Military facilities

All the hard work of research and development has been done, this device is now looking for the right person or organisation to introduce it to the market, mass produce and sell.

Call today to find out more about this rare opportunity to own the intellectual property and hardware to produce this unique and lucrative one-of-a-kind device.

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